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Burning Man Café goes on a Retarded Journey
Burning Man Café goes on a Retarded Journey

Sa., 13. Aug.



Burning Man Café goes on a Retarded Journey

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Zeit & Ort

13. Aug. 2022, 15:00

Wien, Karl-Farkas-Gasse 1, 1030 Wien, Österreich

Über die Veranstaltung

Dear burners in Vienna,

it's time to meet again to DANCE! Welcome to the Summer Edition of Burning Café Extended.

This time, it is going to be more – if YOU make it more! Burning Café Extended is... a Burning Café with DJs, dance, gifts, marvels, costumes and fun… that is, everything YOU are willing to make of it. We provide the dancefloor, we provide some music and a bar – the rest is up to you.

This time we will meet again at the Retarded Journey Headquaters – a wonderful location that reminds us of a camp on the playa! There is a stage, a bar, a roof, some couches, lots of space in between and a bonfire as well. Everything is outdoors, there are lots of possibilities to co-create!

The dress code is as always: radical selfexpression! What that stands for is defined by YOU. So come as what makes you feel your best


15:00 - 18:00 Build

18:00 - Gate opens -

18:30 - 19:30 Warming up for Schönburn: Teams space

19:30 - open end Music & Live Acts

Warming up for Schönburn: Teams space

We call all the gate katz, ready rangers, welfairies, sunny greeters, LNT ambassadors, magic shit ninjas, deco divines and every other aspiring spark to get together in teams, re-connect or get in touch, brainstorm and share vibrating anticipation energy for our beloved annual burn!


15:00 - 18:00

(setting up the PA, tables for food, decorate the place with fabrics and LEDs)

Want to join build?

Get in touch with us by mail


Gate opens 18:00

Want to join greeters ?

We will have greeters at the entrance to ensure everyone is welcomed and knows which kind of event they are attending.

Sign up for a shift


This event is created by US! There are many ways how you can help to make this event happen. As the event is public and free, we won’t have a Gate. Nonetheless, we are looking for volunteers to help us with preparing and running the event (see: Build & Gate).


As Schönburn is coming closer, we decided to give the teams some space and therefore can't host workshops this time. We can still host small happenings, which happen in the background like "pimp up your outfit". If you have any questions, reach out to


You can register until 8.8.22


Retarded Journey will rock the bar for us! Bring some cash!


Bring Your Own Cup! And plate! And whatever else you'll need!


We will need some fuel for all the fun! We will create a corner for food to gift and share! To radically include everyone, try to bring something vegan.


To allow everyone to express themselves radically and to feel at ease at all times, we have a policy "Consent !first!, then Photo". You are only allowed to take a photo depicting a person after you have explained to the person that you want to take a photo, for what purpose you take it, and where you intend to publish the photo. Only after all depicted people gave a clear verbal yes to purpose and publication audience was given, you can make a photo. Please keep this in mind and remind other guests when needed. We might have an official photographer wearing a batch taking pictures of people, art and decoration.


The Retarded Journey Headquarters are in the 3rd district.

Address: Karl-Farkas-Gasse 18, 1030 Wien (opposite side of The Nice Guys)


This event is inspired by the 10 principles of Burning Man as well as the 11th principle of “Consent”:

Bring friends! Bring gifts! Wear whatever you like! Bring some art or just good mood! Let's burn!

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